I'm new to War Steeds and i'm having a bit of a problem. There are 4 different speeds, Walk, Trot, Canter and Gallop. For the life of me, I can not accurately get the steed to "up shift" or "down shift" one speed at a time.

I understand you have to tap the key fairly quickly because holding W goes straight into a Gallop, likewise if you press S twice it quickly it will come to a complete stop. For the life of me when i tap W or S it jumps 2-3 speeds and I can hardly ever get it to "up shift" or "down shift" one speed at a time.

This becomes a serious pita when navigating accurately and not looking like a 5 year old driving a remote control car. It's not just me either, my Fiance' has the exact same problem.

I know the "walk" button toggles each speed but once again, you can't press it too fast or you'll get stuck in a low gear while it says wait because you're pressing it too fast lol.

So what's the deal, Is this a known issue?