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    Bounder's Bounty Guide and Server Donations Graph

    Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post
    What is the right venue to appeal which name was used on the Bounder’s statue
    He doesn't think they are able to make changes now, but whatever the outcome, submitting a ticket is almost definitely not going to be the answer, but he will pass along the suggestion.

    Oct 7
    Oct 6
    Oct 5
    Oct 4
    Oct 3
    Oct 2
    Oct 1
    Sept 30
    Sept 29
    Sept 28
    Sept 27

    Sept 26 B&FB
    Sept 25 B&FB
    Sept 24
    Sept 23 B&FB, Partial downtime

    Sept 22 TotSM,
    Sept 21 TotSM, Bilbo & Frodo's Birthday (B&FB)
    Sept 20 Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariner (TotSM)

    Farmer's Faire

    Sept 19
    Sept 18
    Sept 17
    Sept 16
    Sept 8
    Sept 6

    High Drop Rate
    Sept 5
    Sept 4
    Sept 3 Combined with Sept 2nd data due to downtime
    Sept 1
    Aug 31
    Aug 30
    Aug 29

    Aug 28

    Aug 27
    The Tale of a Statue

    Tsuhelm investigates the missing Bounders' Bags:


    Why can't I turn in tokens after the boon is unlocked?
    "You should be able to continue turning in tokens to the Bounders after you've unlocked the Boon. We'll be fixing this at the same time as the other deed bug, where it isn't bestowing properly to low level characters" - EdgeCase

    What form will "Player Recognition" take?
    Bounder’s Bounty Player Recognition Details

    Where can I get Bounder Tokens?

    • Kill mobs on the landscape, in skirmishes, and in all group instances (Small chance of 5 to 70 Bounder's Tokens)
    • Open hobbit gift boxes (Small chance of 25, 50, or 100 Bounder's Tokens. 1% chance of 250, 500, or 1,000)
    • Open lootboxes
    • Note: Turbine will release more ways to earn them in the future! (source)

    Should I complete the 5-token quest?
    It would be a waste of tokens, as they would not count toward you deeds or the server donations. The quest is only present to let you know about the quest hub.

    Does Erebrandir's Horseshoe increase the drop rate?
    It is more likely to decrease the drop rate since you are giving up stats while killing mobs. The Horseshoe's only documented effects are changing one line of text in the epic and only mildly helping during the Yule Festival. Recently, Sapience has said that the Horseshoe does not affect loot drops from chests.

    What rewards can I barter for?
    The following prices assume you buy items from the vendor that unlocks after your server donates a total of 1,750,000 Bounder's Tokens. Otherwise, the prices are higher (up to twice as much!).

    LOTRO Store Items
    5 100% Infamy/Renown (90 minutes) 135 Bounder's Tokens
    Universal Toolkit 30 Bounder's Tokens
    Random Relic Pack 20 Bounder's Tokens
    Outrider's Token 100 Bounder's Tokens
    100% Craft XP Boost 30 Bounder's Tokens
    Landscape Soldier Token 20 Bounder's Tokens
    Simple Rally Horn 20 Bounder's Tokens
    25 Universal Morale Potions 90 Bounder's Tokens
    Tarnished Symbol of Celebrimbor 1,000 Bounder's Tokens
    Steed of Michel Delving 1,500 Bounder's Tokens

    Steed of Michel Delving:

    Minimum Level 85 Rare-Quality Jewelry (125 Bounder's Tokens Each)
    Stout Bounder's Earring (+119 Might, +99 Vitality, +384 Critical Rating, +40 Fate)
    Stout Bounder's Necklace (+119 Might, +99 Vitality, +236 Maximum Morale, +205 Maximum Power)
    Stout Bounder's Bracelet (+119 Might, +99 Vitality, +384 Physical Mastery Rating, +40 Fate)
    Stout Bounder's Ring (+119 Might, +99 Vitality, +1152 Finesse Rating, +384 Critical Rating)
    Wiry Bounder's Earring (+119 Agility, +99 Vitality, +384 Critical Rating, +40 Fate)
    Wiry Bounder's Necklace (+119 Agility, +99 Vitality, +236 Maximum Morale, +205 Maximum Power)
    Wiry Bounder's Bracelet (+119 Agility, +99 Vitality, +384 Physical Mastery Rating, +40 Fate)
    Wiry Bounder's Ring (+119 Agility, +99 Vitality, +1152 Finesse Rating, +384 Critical Rating)
    Engraved Bounder's Earring (+119 Will, +99 Vitality, +99 Vitality, +384 Critical Rating, +40 Fate)
    Engraved Bounder's Necklace (+119 Will, +99 Vitality, +99 Vitality, +236 Maximum Morale, +205 Maximum Power)
    Engraved Bounder's Bracelet (+119 Will, +99 Vitality, +99 Vitality, +384 Tactical Mastery Rating, +40 Fate)
    Engraved Bounder's Ring (+119 Will, +99 Vitality, +99 Vitality, +1152 Finesse Rating, +384 Critical Rating)

    Housing Items (75 Bounder's Tokens Each)
    Boar Fountain (Large Yard)
    Stone Troll the First (Large Yard)
    Stone Troll the Second (Large Yard)
    Stone Troll the Third (Large Yard)
    Laden Produce Table (Large Furniture)
    Laden Butcher's Table (Large Furniture)
    Laden Tasting Table (Large Furniture)
    Dragon Painting (Small Wall)

    The following pictures are courtesy of Turbine and Crell_Vanguard:

    How many tokens do I need to donate to complete each deed?
    Tier 1: 250 Bounder's Tokens
    Tier 2: 1,000 Bounder's Tokens (total, not 250+1,000)
    Tier 3: 2,500 Bounder's Tokens (total, not 250+1,000+2,500)

    Quote Originally Posted by amlug View Post
    We found an error with the deeds and what level you need to be to have them bestowed. Right now, players under level 45 are not getting the deeds if they complete the Aiding the Bounty quest. We are fixing it and it will be up the next time we patch!

    The good news is that all of your turn ins and progress will be tracked when the fix is applied. So you can keep turning in and doing the quest without any worries that you aren't getting progress. We just secretly locked it behind super secret dwarf doors. Once the fix is applied, you will also have access to the personal reward vendor if you have earned it! Sorry for the mix up and keep turning in those tokens!

    How do Bounder's Tokens help the Bounders?
    Bounder's Tokens represent bits of scrap and trinkets. The Hobbits re-smelt and re-furbish them, then then sell or barter them to acquire arms and armor to defend the Shire. For more information from a lore perspective, please read An Open Letter from the Bounders of the Shire.

    How do you track the server donations?
    I have a character sitting in front of The Bounder's Statue in Michel Delving on each server, so I can check myself approximately every twenty-four hours. There are also a number of generous people across the servers that have volunteered to provide numbers if I cannot check one day.

    Where can I get more information on the Bounder's Bounty?
    Read The Bounder’s Bounty Developer Diary By Aubergine, Bounder's Bounties Server Totals, or post your question below.
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