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    I've jsut realized...

    I was browsing store and wnet to xp section and notice something, week or 2 before there were all kidn of xp boosts on sale, but no xp-disabler, whole section with xps was on sale, except 1 item, why? Why isn't whole section on sale, like questpacks, when news are:Questpacks on sale. All questpacks are on sale(unless is soemthing like Go Bilbo's path and only where bilbo was travelling are on sale, so no Angmar, Forochel, etc.). I want xpdisabler on sale badly

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    Even when they announce quest packs being on sale, I didn't think every quest pack was on sale. There's usually a few exceptions to that too. (So far as I can tell anyway, since I own most of them already.)
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    My guess would be that the xp disabler is selling well without being on sale. This is the type of item that when you want it, you will buy it (generally) because otherwise you will out level its usefullness. A few people will hold out for a sale but most will bite the bullet and buy it.

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    Oh look, there is an XP boost on sale again this week...

    Do I really need to point out whether or not the slow-levellers get some kind of offer this week? *curls up in her corner and starts grumbling about the general unfairness of this*

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    Thanks for finally giving us another sale on the XP disabler. *off to buy a stack for her soon-to-be-played alts*



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