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    Warsteeds "broken bones" glitch

    After the update something happened to all the warsteeds' legs. The front knees are unnaturally bent in the wrong direction, and one of the back hooves looks like it's been broken near the ankle.

    I know there are probably more important glitches to be fixed, but I just thought I'd post this here anyway, since I noticed it :P

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    I noticed this as well, it's really odd-looking. :/
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    I have this same problem. My warhorse's back legs are all knock-kneed and scrawny. She does not look comfortable at all! Here's a photo showing how much of a difference there is since the update.

    Before update on right, after on left. Her poor legs are all mangled looking and that back leg is freaky!

    Kind of makes me feel like this. I hope it gets fixed soon!

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    Yeah I hope it gets fixed soon! And that the rubberbanding lag won't return...

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    It does need to be fixed

    I used to have a beautiful warhorse, now he looks like a broken down old nag waiting to be tossed in the glue pot. Whoever did the graphic that broke the horses need to get fifty with a biggy whip. Horses now look disturbingly awkward whether standing walking, trotting, cantering or galloping because someone had a brain fart and 'pooed the scrooch' in the graphics dept.

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    I was just about to post a thread about this when I saw yours. This is bugging me horribly, and don't know if anyone else has had this but when i use a heavy steed half the legs dissapear into the ground making him normal height.
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