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Thread: Auto-flips

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    Many creepside players on my server are not bothering to log in anymore, and I can see why. Goodbye 'Moors

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elym View Post
    I think that's why Lugazag is almost always freepside on Laurelin now, also. The creeps have gotten tired of taking it only to see it auto flip... that, or it auto flips as soon as most of them log, so I catch it blue when I log my creep on to grind map deeds so that he can be of some use later in PvMP (read as "He can actually get somewhere in a timely manner to die horribly in 1 second to a 20k crit!")
    Same with Riddermark, I can't stand Pvmp when Lugz is blue with how the map is set up.. push out from grams, then with freep healing on the run most make it to back door Lugz and it becomes a turtle until they can push back to grams.

    Then you go up to camp Lug rez and you have EC and ROP which is always owned by who ever has Lugz (Whosoever idea it was to put an OP that close to a rez is a plug) .. In most experiences, and I think even freeps will agree on, creeps like to group and move around the map, freeps however tend to like to sit in the same place and farm which always happens when Lugz is blue, rather it be right up in Grams one shots, sitting at Lugz back door, or sitting in EC. That's the only PvP I find when Lugz is blue so I usually only last 5-10min when I do happen to log on.

    I made a thread on the Beta forums about this and all I got was a bunch of players saying they liked Auto-flips or lame ideas to change how they work, by the end of it I got a forum ban for "trolling", so I don't see Turbine changing this. I didn't think auto-flips would be the reason I quit this game, well this and removing leader boards but damn it makes a huge difference on how the game works. Flip Lugz and it flips right back after two-five min.. I don't see how Turbine doesn't think that's a problem that needs to be fixed asap.

    .. I know I'm going to get a freep saying it was the same thing at the beginning of RoR with TR but I was full time freep at the start of RoR (switched update 10) and I didn't find TR being Red having that much of an effect on PvMP, so save it for someone who cares. I also don't think TR flipped as much as Lugz does now, well I know it doesn't, but it was favored for the creeps as in it flipped red faster than blue.

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    Way to get yourself kicked from Beta, Qlimax.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thefamilyosc View Post
    Way to get yourself kicked from Beta, Qlimax.

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    To me it's pretty counter logic to have this 'domination' style of moors play and yet have keeps auto-flip
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