Good morning. I have an issue. I loved the lvl 75 cosmetics from old Isengard cluster: Rhydhid-lhopan, Cel-crus, Gwir-palvais, Urdhol-helm, Tavol-socas but since in that time i had no feelings for them, i did not had care to keep them. Now, i soloed as much as i could with my minstrel those instances and i was able to find half of them, except Rhydhid-lhopan, Urdhol-helm and Tavol-socas. Nothing on AH and my globall channels searches was useless. Than, one day, i saw on someone one set identical with those: Set of the White Tree. I understand that this set is on Mannequin Outfits with 50MC. According to Lotro wiki, we have Mannequin Outfits at:
- Bree - Outside the Weapons and Armour Shop
- Little Delving - near the Post Office
- Michel Delving - near the Vendor Hall

Also it seem that we have 5 sets possible:
- Set of the Aiwenor
- Set of the Lady's Charge
- Set of the White Tree
- Worn Ranger's Set
- Dúnadan Workman's Outfit Gift Box

But last night i checked all Mannequin Outfits and the Set of the White Tree was not on any mannequin. Nothing in Lotro Store. In Lalia's Market you find some pieces separately but i did not saw all the pieces. So i wonder, what i am missing?