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    Exclamation The Bounder's Bounty Thread

    Come on people, don't be greedy. It's time to pull together.

    Here's the deal. Until Helm's Deep, LotRO has an event where players in each server collect tokens. They can then choose whether to hand in those tokens for rewards or use them to contribute to the server-wide goal. If we reach the server-wide goal, we can use further tokens for better items. We are essentially being given a choice between selfishness and sacrifice for the greater good.

    The rewards for reaching the goal are as follows:

    1. Access to impressive items such as the Universal Toolkit and a steed in return for further tokens.
    2. A buff, the Bounder's Boon, that persists until Helm's Deep launches.
    3. An upgrade to the Michel Delving statue which will, as far as I can tell, persist for the rest of the mmo's lifetime. This means our success or failure here will be visible, something to either be proud or embarrassed about.

    Last I checked we were at 2,950 tokens.

    We need 1,750,000. (Yikes.)

    I don't know about you but playing with my wife I sometimes only see one or two other people in a day. Reaching this goal seems optimistic, but I can't just settle for being one of the second-rate servers that don't reach it.

    I suggest a win-win strategy for this server. Instead of handing in our tokens in the hope that we reach the goal, we can hold onto the tokens and post here how many we have saved up. When it is pretty certain we will reach the goal based on what we have recorded here plus what has already been handed in, we hand in what we've saved up.

    This could turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to our community. Come on, free peoples of Silverlode. Let's do this.

    As well as posting to this thread with how many tokens you have saved up so far, we'd appreciate any advice you have as to where might be the best places to get them.

    So far I have only found tokens in the Quarry in Scary, with a lv. 43 Elf LM (can't imagine it matters though). I just happened to be collecting Dirty Filth and Light Carapaces for another character and during a half hour session, a total of 15 tokens appeared in my bag.

    I suggest we only update this thread upon every 100 tokens that we collect, so post when you have 100 and when you have 200, etc.
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