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Thread: Warden Threat

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    Warden Threat

    So I'm relatively new to LOTRO, but not new to tanking or MMO's. Having said that....I'm having trouble getting and keeping agro from mobs when questing in a fellowship with my wife (healer) and other Kinsmen.

    Can some of you "Veteran" Warden tanks point me to a good read on how to help with this issue for my 40ish Warden?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Tanking in the 40s is difficult on all classes, even guardians. The warden is still missing most of their really good threat gambits at that point, making it difficult to tank, especially if the rest of the group doesn't play accordingly. A harmony minstrel, for example, is an extreme threat machine in those levels, and almost impossible to keep threat from if they aren't being careful with the skills they use.

    Ask your wife and other fellows to be patient with you. If they give you a bit of time to get a headstart on threat and don't go all-out from the start, you should be able to establish threat on a decent number of enemies. At level 42 you get the Dance of War gambit (shield-fist-shield-fist). Use that (in determination stance) to transfer threat from your party members to yourself once they have started healing/doing damage (and especially once they are pulling more threat than you), it will make it much easier for you to keep everything on you. Later on, you will use Conviction and Aggression for the same purpose.

    When you get your legendary weapons (during the first book of the volume 2/Moria epic quests), look out for attributes that increase your threat (there is one for fist-spear gambits and another one for shield-spear gambits). There also is a yellow class trait, Terrible Visage, that boosts your threat in determination stance. While tanking traits are usually blue ones, try to fit this in there since it will help you a lot.

    And if you don't do so yet, try to learn how to best use your masteries and battle memory in combat to increase the speed at which you put out gambits. The quicker you are at firing gambits, the more threat you can build. Even at endgame, speeding up the gambit building makes a ton of difference with tanking.

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    I echo what Bramor said. Tanking as a warden becomes significantly easier at level 60, when you get EoB as a gambit. While it's not the begin-all/end-all of getting and holding aggro (PLEASE learn all your threat skills and not just EoB if you want to be a successful raid tank in end-game environments), it does a fantastic job of getting a large number of mobs stuck to you while you continue to build threat with your other skills. Level 70+ gets you even more threat generating gambits. So just keep on keeping on, and the job will get easier. Learn the skills you have now (and like Bramor said, ask your fellow to be patient and ease into their dps roles), and you'll be that much better off once you get access to the later gambits.
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    Reroll to Guardian, Warden isent a good tank, guardian is better tank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Javipal View Post
    Reroll to Guardian, Warden isent a good tank, guardian is better tank.
    Hmm I am no experienced Warden or Guardian but I somehow don't think your statement is correct

    @OP I am in a similar situation as you. I have been starting to take a different view on things and I am now only really trying to tank the biggest threat in a group of mobs, or I target and try to pull anything that goes for the healer. I've just been finding trying to tank 5-6 mobs at ones is only going to be frustrating and very difficult to do at our level.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Javipal View Post
    Reroll to Guardian, Warden isent a good tank, guardian is better tank.
    You just landed up with a bad Warden, that's all. When played correctly they are terrific tanks.
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    Unfortunately, many classes don't get their "bread and butter" skills until level 50+. I have heard that Wardens don't get it until 60+.

    For the upcoming class revamps in Helm's Deep, a Dev stated that skill levels will be adjusted so that classes will get more of their main skills in lower levels. That's good news, but still a few months away.
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    As already stated,

    The Warden doesn't have great tanking potential at lower levels, I would stick to spamming Precise Blow (in Determination) to get aggro until you get to level 50 and higher for other more useful gambits!
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