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    Quote Originally Posted by MCP2 View Post
    Well there's lots of us who haven't been able to do the Draig run because of the bug... I want to be able to say I've done it, so I'm excited that Draig is fixed... The game doesn't revolve around you and the countless others who have "farmed" the raids... It's probably people like you that make the raids bug and Turbine scaling back rewards from them... Let us people who are relatively new to the game experience it for ourselves....

    I for one have never completed this raid once. It has everytime bugged and we no longer worry about it. Its just one more of the many bugged instances not yet completed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danchir View Post
    I'm not sure if this is 100% what happened to us; iirc, he fell into this animation loop of 'head swaying' and doing basically nothing, but there was nothing to be targeted - no head, no claws. It's like... a pre-braindead bug. There wasn't really a dragon there to go braindead in the first place. It happened just after the first body-fall, when he was coming back to the western platform (after a lag spike + a couple of 'lag casualties').
    Same, nothing could be targeted after we took out the remaining claws. In my experience with the Phase 3 braindead bug, sometimes we could still attack his head+claws until the claws were defeated and then nothing could be targeted; other times there would be nothing to target to begin with.

    Lag casualties, now that you mention it, I wonder if the timing of defeats might have anything to do with this bug? I remember that in our first successful run (see post 18), the FM group ran out too early before the white text had appeared on-screen, and they wiped as a result. A few rezzes later we were back in business. The wipe happened as/after Draig fell to the floor, whereas in our most recent attempt, I think the RK was defeated as he recovered. Purely speculation based on too little data. I'll keep trying if enough people can be found, heh.

    No idea if this is related: Lately I've been leveling a toon in East Rohan, and during mounted combat, some mobs in East Rohan will stop charging towards me and stay in place as if confused, reminding me of a certain dragon...
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    Interesting... So, to summarize, bad news is there is now chance for braindead bug not only in Phase 3 but also before; good news is the raid is completable (not 100% bugging of some kind, as was until recently).

    I think the 'timing' you mention is quite important. Also before, there was sometimes a weird 'mismatch' between the animation of the dragon and what really happened to him. Like 4 pawns killed in Phase 3 yet he flies up, not falling on the ground. Spreads some fire around... then falls immediately on the ground, where he should have been in the first place. It's like some different 'triggers' or whatever loose the synchrony between themselves. Pushing a phase/stage of the fight to the limit creates this risk.

    No wonder this raid is kinda neglected for bug fixing - not because it's not 'modern' right now, but because obviously some tech was used for making it that the game doesn't like much, or for some reason doesn't work well. Unfortunately it is exactly the uniqueness of this raid that makes it something special, at least for me. Let's hope some day it will be fixed for good.

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    Let me start by saying I know Draigoch very well. I have seven Characters Lvl 85who all saw him many times and a Captain Lvl 76 with whom I tanked him for the first time. My Burg was only leveled for Draigoch as our Kin was short of Burglars.
    I've seen him bugging out many times but after we learned how to handle him this hardly happened anymore.

    Yesterday we gathered four alts who had to do Draigoch for the first time.
    In the beginning it was fun - running down laughing about mates who died and dieing in the next moment.
    There were many freezes on our way down that didnt bother us, as we were not in a hurry and our captain still had some rezzes to do for his deed.
    Sometimes - as usual - Draigoch seemed to be cross-eyed, peering through two holes at the same time.
    And sometimes he changed holes faster than he should.

    Some deaths later we all gathered with the chest arranging duties, when suddenly the fight began.
    Our Dwarf-Champ (as usual) had tried to frighten us by kneeling before the chest hitting "leave intance".
    I'm not sure why the fight was started, the Champ said he didn't touch the chest and I believe him. Strange.

    So we started and everything was fine until the moment Draig got up from his bed after the first two maneuvers.
    There was a horrible freeze and people hardly managed to get out of the cave.
    I was awaiting his head at the start position and due to lag it took some time to get the head into target and again some time until "Fray the Edge" was performed.
    Meanwhile the head had aggroed someone else but switched to me when my cry finally went out. After that nothing else happened. The head didt attack anymore, Draig didn't change position after 1:15 and there was no cave-in. He was braindead.

    Same happened two times again with the only difference that I started the fight the usual way. He went braindead in exactly the same moment.
    We couldn't figure out what went wrong and left the instance. At least he went braindead rather soon and din't wait until he was almost down ...
    But there were eleven unhappy people yeterday night!
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    Shame Turbine team, shame to you. You manage to broke even more this raid.
    When Draigoch was launched, i farmed him 9 months with 2-3 events in kin so I know the raid very good. As long as I was leading we never had any issues with brain dead so the raid was 100% doable. I know it was some issues with him acording to others but generaly the raid was doable.

    Last night for old good time sake we did an run.
    Draigoch brain dead after first 2 claws. Second run was horrible but at least not brain dead.
    From what we noticed:
    - after the CJ's, when Draigoch is raising from floor, in those moments is an massive lag. MASSIVE. There is the possible moment of brain dead, if he pass that stage is ok, if not is bugged. The lag take like 10 sec or so, than is ok.
    Same lag appears in P3 when he is flying and getting down.
    Now Draigoch is harder to do than on level because these bugs.

    Shame for you developers. Is so frustrating to see how bad you are doing your job, I wonder if I would do the same at my company (computer programmer) i will be dismissed since long time ago. And you even have the nerve to come with this tittle: Draiogch can take a punch in 11.3. Be serious, was better before 11.3
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