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    Rangers of the Black Watch - (Meneldor) - Enlist with the Rangers Today!

    Rangers of the Black Watch
    Website: http://rangers.guildlaunch.com/
    Teamspeak 3 Channel:
    LOTRO Server: Meneldor
    Members: Over 60+ Active and Helpful Rangers!

    At the heart of the Rangers are the values to which we all try to adhere.

    Common Courtesy
    "Common courtesy is an uncommon virtue" or so the saying goes. However, all Rangers should treat each other in a courteous and respectful manner at all times. We will not always agree or like one another, but everyone is expected to act appropriately in their dealings with one another

    Also, each of our members is a public face to our Kinship. As such, all members should be conscientious of how their behavior in public chat channels will reflect onthe Kin. We wish to project a positive image of helpfulness and teamwork in our dealings with the world of Middle Earth. Engaging in argumentative, disparaging, insulting, or other negative behaviors in public reflects on us all.

    Being mature is less about age, and more about how one conducts oneself. Hand-in-hand with Common Courtesy, members should strive to respond to situations in a mature and productive manner.

    Sometimes you just can't do it alone and need to ask for help. There Rangers are here to help each other out. Whether it be for crafting new gear, help with a quest, or just general advice, the Rangers strive to lend a helping hand to one another. If you're truly stuck and need assistance, please ask politely. We may not be able to assist in a split second, but help be offered.

    However, asking for help goes both ways. We don't want anyone to be perceived as a member who always asks for help but never reciprocates. So lend a helping hand when you can!

    Also, also be thankful for the help you receive. A genuine THANK YOU goes a long way to build camaraderie.

    Rangers are here by choice to enjoy the game and each of us is seeking different things within the game. We should all strive to be patient in dealing with each other. Don't let emotions hold sway.

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