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    Cartographer of Rhovanion Deed

    I noticed when I rebuilt the Study of Hytbold that on the wall there is a map of Rhovanion. I suggest a deed to be Cartographer of Rhovanion, and make another deed called Cartographer of Middle Earth. When you complete the cartographer of Eriador, Moria, and Rhovanion (and possibly Mordor/Gondor/Rohan when we get those maps) you get a large wall Map of Middle Earth. But make it a large large wall so it takes up the whole space like the Gondorian Knight Tapestry. Also maybe give us a map maker's steed to go with it with scrolls and such.

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    I totally agree with your suggestion

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    Now that would be cool to get. I really like this idea. Nice one.

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    Though the idea is good, that deed would be unfinished for a quite long time... Which i am totally fine with, but there are some deed completions who wont be as happy. We will miss Gondor for some time, and Mordor even longer... Plus lot of other lands not yet in game.
    Thank you, Turbine, for listening and giving us an opt-out of FE! Good work!

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    Gondor and Mordor look to be too far south to be in Rhovanion (except that corner of Mordor we can see over at the bottom right); I expect a fourth Region for them.

    But Rhovanion looks to be well enough developed that a Cartographile deed for it might be warranted. Although they MAY put in another area or two in due time - there's certainly room, and known places, for it.
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    Would love to see Cartographile of Rhovanion at some point. We have a couple of lothlorien maps already, just wondering if the others will be coming - eg The rest of Loth, Mirkwood, Gt River, Rohan, Wildermore, West Rohan, Dead Marshes and the Gondor regions.
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