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    Quick slot problem

    Hi, I recently got my first war steed, and am loving playing with it.

    I have a problem though. As and when I acquire new skills/traits, they show up in my quick slot bar. However, I've just managed to "lose" some of them from the bar by dragging them around to rearrange them, and I can't work out how to get them back.

    I've got the Quickslot Bar lock switched off, but I can't drag any skills from the trait tree to my Quickslot bar. These traits/skills don't appear under the War Steed Skills tab of my Skills panel so I can't get them from there.

    Specifically, the skills I'm not able to slot are (all yellow, Light steed): One With Your Steed, Disengaging Strikes, Resilient Combat, and Well Disciplined. I've spent the trait points and earnt them, and at least a couple did appear on my Quickslot bar before I accidentally dragged them off it, so I don't know what to o now.

    Any suggestions, o wise ones?

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    They are in your character's Skill Panel under Mounted Combat.

    You should be able to drag them back from there.

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    Note: skills are never deleted, only removed icon shortcut from quickslot. Once you put your skills again place you can prevent to remove them again accidentally by locking the skills on Option panel; Quickslot; Lock Quickslot. You can always rearrange them by unlocking them temporarilly.

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