Now that we have a year under our belts with Mounted Combat, isn't it time we made our horses some snacks? I'm sure they're quite hungry from all those war-steeds battles.

Cook: Specifically some type of food/snack for them that helps accelerate fervour regen. 30 minute snack would be great.

Scholar: A recipe for war-steeds that gave them a rage effect.

Tailor: Already has bridles, would be nice to have reputation recipes for banners of each Rohan region / Hytbold added that could be flown in the war-steed accessory slot.

Woodworker/Metalworker: Possibly a horse-bit buff that enabled better turning rate or higher war-steed icpr, like 10 minutes. Woodworker Light/Medium, Metalsmith Heavy

Weaponsmith: armour spikes for heavy war-steeds that return a bleed effect on a enemy that hits with melee.

Jeweller: No idea, possible a hope token type buff for war-steeds that has a chance to blind an enemy

Concerns: Additional bag space: (possibly good reason to have a bag #7 or war-steed only consumable bag.