We are a laid back kin but we are also a strong one, we do not start anything with other kins or with anyone in the game, we keep to our selves and play with each other on a day to day basis. We love meeting new players that are experienced and know what they are doing but if we come across a player that has no idea, We will teach them. As i said in my last thread (couldn't find out how to delete it) We are skirmish/instance type because most players dont like just running around doing quests all day, So i tend to get all my members always busy or atleast having some enjoyment with the game. As i said, If you are interested in joining LOME visit us at our websit at Lome.shivtr.com, or just send me a mail in game (Barvevor) <-- That's my main, So please if you are really interested in joining us, send me a mail i will get back to you