Hey Guys, I'm the kin leader of the kinship Army of the Free Peoples and we are looking for players to join our kinship! Our kin is starting to get active again because we decided to take a break from the game till the update on the new expansion for Helms Deep was drawing near. We are a medium size kinship that's social and family friendly that pretty much does everything from quests, skirmishes, and instances, to crafting, deeding, and exploring. We pretty much focus on helping each other out and leveling up to play with other players but really we just want to have fun and play the game without the drama and all! We accept all levels, players, characters, and we don't really care about your age and such everyone is welcomed no one is left out! So if your ever on, pst me Philiusa or my champion alt, Philus, or just send me a letter and Ill add you as friend and send you a tell when you log on ! See you guys around!