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    Defiler needing help.

    Hello all,
    First of all let me say that my experience in the moors is quite limited so please forgive if the questions seem trivial to the rest.

    Regardless of what game I play I generally start a healing class on all MMORPGs I play. Likewise 2 years ago I started a defiler which I leveled up to Rank 8 at the moment and has Rank 13 Audacity (Assuming that is the last rank ) . Currently I'm traited for HfP2 , 1 Critical Protection and the rest is Critical rating. After a long break from PvMP I started playing my defiler again and I'm looking for some advice on how to survive better out there and maybe not look like an idiot while everyone else dies and makes me further frustrated. I'm at that point of wondering whether starting a new class is a good option but I definitely dread the need to have to quest all over again to get the maps .

    How do you ranked defilers up there manage to stay up and keep your team alive? Recently I haven't been able to get a group since the folks I usually group with in that timezone don't logon anymore or finish their game play much earlier than I logon. This results in me running around solo or doing quests or heading wherever there are callouts. I've managed to find a fight or two which are fun but most of the time I just get slaughtered . If there is something in the above corruption list that needs to change Ill be more than happy to do it or get it since I should have the comms to do the same. Does a higher rank make the job considerably easier?

    Other than attrition is there any hope for a defiler to win a 1 vs 1 . Is there any point in traiting flies any more ?

    I guess I'm looking for some advice to be a better defiler or is this common for all defilers as well ?
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