Hellow! WE are a brand new kinship named "The Uncommon". As such a name, we are those casual, everyday players that aren't that much vets but yet we aren't noobs ;D Our kinship will mainly focus on deeding, festivals, and making money :P We are a linked kinship, which means we serve one purpose while another kin lends a hand serving another purpose. Currently we are searching for some high lvled (80+) people to help becoming officers to this soon to be great kin. We have the following classes open for officer; Guardian, Burglar, Warden, Captain, Lore-master, Rune-keeper, and Champion. It would also help if you were rank 3+ as well. If you want to know more about our new kin (perhaps some things I wasn't clear about in this post) then reply and I will get to you. Or if you think you are a skilled class person and know how to lead, send me a mail or tell in-game to Nethdaron, or Ordirad. Anyways hoping to see yall soon!