Hi all, hoping for a little help here.
I haven't played for a while due to real life issues but I'm a level 80 captain, really enjoying the game again and am just finishing off the Nan Curn parts in Rise of Isenguard and I'm on the last Brown Lands quest hub in the Great River.
I'm intending to finish those off then I'll buy Rohan and work through that.

My issue is I'm a little but light on decent gear, I have loads of the Anduin tokens you get from the Rohan quests but I can't seem to find anything to work towards. I'd really like a nice looking set of armour that I could wear whilst running around too if possible.
Levelling up in these zones is pretty deserted and no-one seems to be interested in the Raid content for this content and level either so I'm a bit at a loss.

My HP is around 6425 buffed and my Power is about 4484 so I know this needs some work. All my gear is mainly yellow with the odd purple from the epic quest lines.
I'm specifying Might (for solo play) and then taking Vitality and if there is any Agility it's a bonus.

Could someone point me in the right direction please? I am Kindred with everyone apart from Theodreds Riders (ally) and Riders of Stanguard (also ally) as well as Limelight Gorge (only did the quest prior to the small fellowship prequests).

Many thanks