Hopefully soon my warg will transfer over and I can start running warg packs that's when the real fun begins. Until then im close to ranking my WL. WL is a fun toon to play but Warg will always be my favorite. Sadly I don't have a great deal of time to invest into the game. Im on daily but not for long stretches, however I will always be a creep at heart. Now the WL gets a banner at R7, im undecided on naming but the naming rights can be purchased (send pm for details) currently there is one front runner with 6 votes "uequalpos" dedicated to the many freeps ive happened across in my brief tenure on arkenstone. Ill need more of you to come out though as the last few times the numbers were sparse (remember target the WL first, its the best strategy!). So name that banner and remember I have very thick skin (unlike some of the more fragile members of the arkenstone pvp community) so let em rip, and have fun. Also I used to be able to put a round through a flee's ### at 200m.... you feeling me now?