Riddles in the Dark is based on the Snowbourn server. The kin was founded by a couple of experienced players back during the BG days and we have been active ever since. Our main goal has always been to be able to do the hardest ingame content with likeminded peers whilst maintaining a friendly cheerfull atmosphere and leaving room for reallife commitments.

We have completed all raids since BG on challenge, and we are currently working on BfE challenge. We have regular T2 runs for Flight and T2CM for Smaug, and we also have the scaled raids on the calendar on a weekly basis. Our raiding times are 7PM to 10 PM BST.

We are active in PvE and we also have a section active in PvP, so we can offer grouping for both playstyles.

We have made an alliance with Nexus, in which we share a common raiding calendar, helping each other out with filling spots in raids. This has been a tremendous success and we in Riddles are very happy about the arrangement. The two kins fit quite well together, and we have been able to keep a busy raiding schedule despite the lull in content.

We are currently looking to recruit a few more members who would be interested in doing PvE raiding. We have spots open for:


Any interested are welcome to contact a Riddler ingame or make an application on our forums: www.riddlesinthedark.enjin.com