Hello Riddermark,

The 20 questions for big battles came out some time ago, but after having some interesting conversations about how my own peers feel about the new content, I would like to initiate a discussion with you all. Given that Big Battles allow anyone level 10 and above to join in on the same content, it would make sense for the community as a whole to have some thoughts on this. After all, the new content is not exclusive to max level players this time around, which in my opinion is very exciting. If you have not read the dev diary yet, here is the link so you can join in on the conversation: Big Battles

Here are a few questions to get this post started, and then I hope everyone will take it from there.

a) Do you see greater activity within kinships with the scaling of players to Helms Deep?

b) What are your thoughts on the Riddermark community coming together, or the opposite, as a result of closing the level gap?

c) Does this seem like an opportunity to conduct server events, such as grouping sessions with less experienced players? What kind?

d) What are your thoughts about how big battles will work based on the information Turbine has given us so far?

e) Are you looking forward to the shift from traditional skirmishes and raids to this new system of play?