Exiles of Gilrain are looking for new members, we are new to Snowbourn but not the game, after a recent transfer of several members from Gilrain (see what we did with the Kin name) :P
We are a friendly, casual Kin that enjoy pretty much all aspects of the game. We have many top tier crafters and a small dedicated group of PvP players, freep and creep side with several raid leaders among our numbers, we hope to boost the numbers of this asap. If PvP isn't your thing we also enjoy the normal PvE world including 3/6/12 man instances.
If you are new to the game we are more than willing to help with general questions on the game, hints and tips and when possible, help with levelling. Anyone is welcome as long as your not an ###, any race and class, f2p or Vip. we also have our own 25 man Team Speak server

For more details visit the website in my signature. Thanks for reading