With the server lag becoming more and more unbearable recently I have been looking for things I can do to make my gaming time more bearable and fun, as some days I am finding certain raids almost impossible to play due to the stop motion effect caused by excessive lag. Granted, I may need to upgrade my pc in the near future, but as I am able to play these raids one day and not the next I am more inclined to believe that at present the lag is not something I can just eradicate by upgrading.

That being said, I have found these forum links that have given me a few hints and tips and seem to have improved things somewhat since I have tried them. They may be well known to many, but some newbies such as myself may not have been made aware of them yet so I thought I would post the links on here for easy access -



I hope they help some people if they are having similar issues to myself, and if anyone else has any info that could help please feel free to share them.

Cheers and Have a nice day!