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    A new freep-friendly 'feature' in the moors

    Not sure if WAI/feature/whatever, just saw our server-own r15 warden seeking some 'challenge' at Lugz-rez:

    A creep stands right in the middle of Lugz-rez, not on any side, never leaves the rez. Warden rides in, stops right outside the range of the 1-shooters. Wardens starts throwing spears at creep, kills creep, rides away.

    Essentially the warden has a longer attack range than the 1-shooters.

    In my eyes a game-breaking 'feature'.

    Any commend on that by Turbine?
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    I'm sure turbine will be here momentarily to respond, its likely the dev in charge is on his BA hitting VT on a freep sitting in the rez circle. Check back in a half hour or so.

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    I posted a thread about this issue a couple months ago shortly after RoR came out. Needless to say the thread was deleted (had a screen shot but no names QQ) and nothing was done about it. But don't expect it to change anytime soon, fixing warden's range bug is most likely on the bottom of their list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerglor View Post
    Needless to say the thread was deleted
    Ah so that's why I couldn't find it...
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