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    Red face [Event] Autumn Poetry Competition

    How lovely the land lies in October,
    Still as the moon.
    The new wheat is planted.
    The drivers are gone
    To pile up their wood
    Or be soothed by a screen.

    The felled tree is sawn,
    The robin’s cross cry
    Now liquid and long,
    Uncannily high.
    The cold finds my fingers.
    The moon fills the sky.

    - Alison Brackenbury

    Date: Saturday 28th September

    Time: 7:30pm (BST)

    Location: Methil Stage, Bywater. The Shire.

    Topic: Autumn Gold; Memories and Contentment

    Prizes: "Harvest-Home Bard" title; a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

    The sun has grown and in the fields, the lads bring in the bounty of the ground. Tis the time ter start preparing for the long dark nights that will soon be with. In the woods, the birds are moving, heading towards places warmer. And so the cycle turns once more...

    Fer tis time is again fer ye budding poets, ye who have waited through the long days since the last gathering, ter put word ter paper and show us what ye can do!

    Again, there are three topics ter choose from when ye begin ter create. " Autumn Gold; memories and Contentment " For what is Autumn without some of these three?

    Now places are limited - ye've no idea how many there are just bursting ter share their poems with us, it does me heart glad, so it does - so get yer names down and it'll be a grand night ter remember!

    No one race holds alone the ability ter create poems of such wonder it melts yer heart, so all are welcome ter apply be ye Hobbit, Elf, Dwarf or Man, the stage is open ter all.
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    Jun 2011
    *Cheers for poetry competitions*

    I would like to enter this competition, if I may!
    Simbo Rumblebelly
    Gardener, Adventurer and Pie-Lover

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    Thank ye Master Simbo!

    writes down his name and grins

    We have our first entry!

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    Red face

    I shall be there , as always

    Please ad me to the list, miss Jadite *hugs*

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    Grins and nods as she scribbles another name down

    That is grand, there we have our second! who'll be next?

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    Well, we may be few in numbers willing ter come forward and show us their skills, but it looks like this time we'll see the Battle o' the Bards!

    Three former holders of the Bard title are stepping forward ter do battle no only against each other, but also a new comer has entered the field!

    Will they be put off by the likes of what has gone before?

    We'll have ter wait and see!

    Any willing ter take part and do battle? Well there's still time ter sign up!

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    And now were into the last day ter go!

    Hope ter see ye all there

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    And that were another hard fought contest...one which them judges could not reach a result on.....

    Still. we managed in the end... The battle of the Bards, fer that is what it were fer certain, oh and what a fight it where..

    But, after many arguements and shouting and no fergetting the threats with ter pan... *shudders* them judges came ter a choice.

    In third place we have.... that lover of pies.... that chaser of lassies both young and *not* so young... Master Simbo!

    But, what's this?

    No second place?

    But.....But? That could only mean one thing.....

    A tie! unheard of I tell ye

    But truth ter tell, they couldna decide... so first place and holder of the titles Harvest bard / Autumn bard are.....

    Miss Tibba and Miss Lina!

    Congratulations ter the winners and Ah hope ter see ye at the Yule Event, which with luck will be in the town of Winterholme



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