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    Wardens aren't that bad...

    Morosh here

    Onto Wardens... They aren't that bad. Some are nice! Don't believe me?


    I was having my usual afternoon nap on the broken wall in front of Lugz and Killianor decided to join me. Well, he fainted on top of me. I don't smell that bad...

    Sadly, Killianors friends aren't so nice...

    ./sigh Oh well...

    Wardenman is nice too though! After walking out of the rez, being killed by a group without fighting back, retreating, walking back out, being killed without fighting back etc etc etc Wardenman decided to sit with me instead. At least he seemed to realise I had no intention of fighting.

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    Wardenman showed me his flower too.

    And threw petals at me and even panned for gold at my feet.

    He did do a lot of other emotes too, I tried to do some as well but sadly Orcs don't have many. I did dance though! After a while we had a quick nap and then we parted ways and I'm highly likely to end up face down on the ground with 0 morale the next time we see each other...

    Thank you Killianor and Wardenman (and the little burg that appeared then vanished!) for not being so serious and just mucking about. Always good to see and one of the reasons I love creeping on Vilya so much.

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    What is this my little pony, rainbow preserving, field of flowers and skipping people with smiles permanently stitched their faces bull?!
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    Exclamation :0

    "And we don't want children in this game!" Big Buff man Voice, "Especially under the age of 18."

    If we can party in the moors, we can!
    I can stand next to a hobbit and he will blow up fireworks!
    Wargs will be chasing groundrolling hobbits!
    and we gon have a good time!

    Defilers would be lazer tagging the champs!
    Children creeps would follow their fathers,
    into the sulfur pits!
    and we gon have a good time!
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    Evil People Lead To Evil Intentions

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    aww thats cute! love the ss's.
    "You can't have your Kate and Eat her too!"

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