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Thread: Big Battles

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    Big Battles

    Have I missed something. At level 95 finished the epic line. Have done a few BB but why are we doing them? What
    are the rewards. NO seals or medallions. What I've gotten so far is not worth the time and aggravation.

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    You complete the side-quests and main objective quests and depending on how well you did on them you are rewarded points to a certain tier. There are four tiers, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. When you fill up one of the tiers, you are either rewarded with a piece of jewelry, or points towards the next tier. You can't earn points towards the next tier for Platinum though, you have to complete the quests at a Platinum tier to get points for it at all.

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    I've received Marks and Medallions for doing the side quests (if not the main quest objective). That's besides the rewards you can earn (as explained above).

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    Yep, teal jewellery, with a chance for a gold/orange jewellery. And some of the jewellery has set bonus's on it also to make it better still.

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    you get another worthless grind......

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThomasFlora View Post
    you get another worthless grind......

    basically, the time people waste doing that nonsense they could be grinding a few hundred TP, about as challenging and just as exciting.

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    You can switch the jewelry earned to tp earned instead, just poke the little thing after the ore icon, its a toggle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reiygna View Post
    You can switch the jewelry earned to tp earned instead, just poke the little thing after the ore icon, its a toggle.
    Not tp. But you can switch so you get one of a higher tier-point for 20 of the lower. This is good if you only want gold and platinum reward cashouts.

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