I have recently been playing my warg, but the class is frustrating me to no end -- and not for gameplay reasons. I've now had all of my skills lock-up on my warg FIVE TIMES, all but one of those times in a 1v1 situation. What happens is I'm merrily going along punching keys and then suddenly I notice that... I seem to be auto-attacking. So I look down at my skillbars and... every skill that I've been trying to use has the Ants of Doom crawling around the box. I can't use skills. And if I die, I can't retreat (there is no option, I just lay there dead), which means I have to hard-crash my client.

I have a lot of hours in the Ettenmoors on other classes, both Freep and Creep and I have never experienced anything like this before on another class. Is this specific to Stalkers? What am I doing wrong on my warg? How can I prevent this? Am I just going crazy?