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    vol 1 book 7 chapter 8 Gates of Carn Dum

    I'm trying to do this Solo as a level 59 Warden.
    When I speak to Lorniel to start the Epic Quest, I get an Inspiration.

    So far, so good.

    Once combat starts, I have no problems slaughtering everything, but Lorniel keeps dying (which ends the Instance.)
    I'm trying to attract the monsters with War Cry and Goad, but it doesn't seem enough.

    Any suggestions?

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    Stay ahead of her. If you get aggro first, it's easier to hold onto, even if she attacks something.
    This is particularly true in the final fight - run around the room, collect everything up, and then
    use your AoE morale leach and AoE threat skills to keep them interested in you instead of her.

    That said, if you're not far from level 60, level up, get Exultation of Battle, and holding everything's
    attention will be a lot easier.

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    The first fight or two may be tricky, but after that you should be able to run ahead and kill the mobs before she even gets to them. This is especially true when she stops in front of that one gate. Make sure you kill every mob you can get to before opening that gate.
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    keep trying, i just did this last night with a 56 hunter. if you can't stay ahead, make sure anything she attacks you try to pull it's agro. at 59 with inspiration you should be able to stand there and take the beating no problem.

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    I remember the first time through this was with my warden. She had the same problem, but eventually was successful. My main problem was the pale goblin things that would summon more mobs if you didn't get rid of them fast enough. They are easy to take down, but there were usually 3 of them at one time, so it can be tricky. My RK had an easier time of it. Keep at it and you should be able to do it.

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    1) Always stay in front of Lorniel. Do not let her activate the mobs at each ambush point. Activate them yourself.

    2) Each Ambush point will have some Horn Blowers. Kill them before they blow their horns and summon additional mobs. See point 1 about getting there first so that you can kill the horn blowers.

    3) Whenever Lorniel stops kill everything that you can reach in all directions before starting her up again.
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    Review your skills and look for anything with an area of effect -- if necessary, redo your traits to activate one -- and carefully time its use compared to cooldowns to try to draw aggro, if you're not lucky enough to be a tank class that is good at drawing aggro already.

    Also, and this can't be overemphasized, look for your induction interrupt. For instance, champions have Clobber. Be ready to use it on those critters that call more of their friends. Again, you have to watch the cooldowns, and you may have to save both your AoE and interrupt skills to use when Lorniel's health is getting low, to buy her some time.

    Of the four or five points where I got totally stuck in the epic, this was probably the worst. When I did it as a champion on-level, I got through on like the third try, but as a hunter, I couldn't get through until I was like ten levels over. (I could have done it sooner, though, if I'd better understood my induction interrupts. Particularly tricky for a hunter since the only one you get is at melee range, but if you're a hunter you're used to staying out of melee range as long as possible.)

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    There are also some mobs with frontal aoes (I seem to recall a giant in there). Be sure to turn the mobs so their backs are to Lorniel while you kill them.
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    Thanks everyone - that was most helpful!

    (I'm particularly relieved that it is more difficult than it looks...)

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    Once getting her to the gate, I ran around the right hand side to get behind the gate and cleared all of the mobs up there before opening up the gate for her.

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    Huh. Just did this on my 47 Hunter. She died the on first attempt; on the second try, I made sure to aggro everything first and paid attention to where Fusionette^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Lorniel was attacking so I could switch up and get aggro back from her. That one went smoothly and the only dangerous point was at the end where I was fighting the boss.

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