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    Current Lottery???

    the current lottery is the wildermore lottery for lvl 85 players only. the only prize listed is silver. how many toons out there that are already at level cap really need any silver??? why not throw a mount, some cosmetic, anything that might actually be a bit more appreciated than 'oh look...some silver to add to my already huge pile. huh...i pulled it out of mail and didn't even notice if my wallet changed.'

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    Their still in test phase, maybe they wanted to add more but never got time, what with the twiiter dev chat and then news a dev diary would be out at the end of this week, lotto's are nice for as all but its been well mentioned that other work takes priority, maybe this is one of those weeks when events take over.

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    oh, don't get me wrong, i love the lotteries. didn't know they were still in test phase. basically answers my question. thx

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    What i am more worried about is that along with my level 85's i seem to be able to enter on a third character, a level 25 champion that has not even existed for roughly three years now.



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