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Thread: Sword sheaths

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    Sword sheaths

    Has anybody thought, it's a little wierd that we all run around with naked steel just attached to our sides? I mean I dont know about you but I dont remember anyone from the films books or lore doing so, evan the most well known swords through the lore are snug inside their covers. Does anyone think it would be better for us to have even just a plain black one attached to our sides, that the sword sits in when not being used, and then the empty sheath when the swords drawn? I think it would be great meself, specially on the roleplaying servers!

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    Whilst not directly about sword sheathes, i recently bought the "Bare-chested" cosmetic for Dwarves then rather obviously found that twohanded weapons and ranged weapons looked rather odd just magically stuck to the persons back.
    If there were twohanded sword/weapon sheathes this would look a lot better.

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    That's a mighty good idear you got there feller. But yeah, I definitely agree. The same goes for other weapons (they're usually carried the wrong way). Two battleaxes tucked upside down dangling behind you? This needs a revamp!

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    A lilttle after RoI started they added slings to all weapons carried in the back. Thought the sling wasn't a bad idea, the animation was. No respetable soldier that sling a weapon will let it so loose that the weapon will jump like that. Its a safety issue because the uncontrolled movement can hurt the person carrying it & the fellows. I wish to see the belts & slings with weapon sheathes attached to the weapons when the character is out of combat but no animation on the weapon. & yah hammers & axes are beeing carried upside down, i bet thats a easy fix.

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