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    Suggestions wanted for Level 85 guild armor set

    My friend and I are running a pair of Hunters and I am about to start building a level 85 tailor's guild armor set of Combat and/or Wildermore pieces for us both and would love to get some feedback as to which pieces would be best. My biggest issue is that I am unfamiliar with which stats become capped or suffer from diminishing returns. I am hoping to get the biggest bang for my buck. If this info is posted somewhere, I'd appreciate being pointed to it

    We plan to be running Charity, Innocence, Honor, Tolerance & Zeal

    Any advice would be welcome.

    Thank you

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    If possible, aim for the Hytbold armour. If you look at the thread I linked, the OP has low stats, and 10k morale which you don't need that much for everyday purposes. The Far-arrow set from skirmish camps is also decent, and does not require you to have Rohan.
    Hytbold/Far-arrow armour, mix between (Wildermore) crafted and instance jewellery, and you're good to go.

    Stats: attributes (might, agility, etc) and PM don't have a cap. Crit caps at 25% (14k rating?). Don't worry about diminishing returns, you probably won't get there, yet.

    (might as well talk about traits)
    IMO, you might want to replace Charity with something else, say, Loyalty or Valour, for you can get physical mitigation from armour alone (the armour value). Determination if you feel you want more agility, but once you're getting a few pieces of gear you may have an okay amount of agility and could swap for more survivability instead.
    Class traits: mix between red and blue. Not a fan of yellow personally, and I don't need to trait any (aside for the Ettenmoors).

    My personal opinion.
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