Ok this is not a rant or a complaint and is probably obvious to many people who are well into Wildemore...just an observation. (mild spoiler)

When they started the mithril coin feature, I vowed to use them as little as possible. I even congratulated myself on NOT using them. Oh I am such a good player, I don't need that etc. etc. Every once in a while, I might pop one after a long drawn out campaign to get back to the quest giver. So economical...

Then I got to High Knolls....And the Haunted Woods....And all the coming and goings from half hidden caves, Ent quest givers and lets not forget, you need a bank every now and then, even if there are strategically placed stables, vendors and item masters.

I have been spending Mithril coins like water! Do not want to slog through that forest of half chopped trees again. No sight lines, enemies behind every bush, not to mention unscalable walls blocking you at every turn.

I swear this is intentional! The Turbine overseers have outdone themselves. I am hooked. Broke my spirit it did....good thing I get 500TP per month! (~55 coins per month)