Well. Where should I start. The first time I ever went out to the moors, I was level 52, in a level 65 cap moors. Adino invited me to his raid even though I was underlevelled. He's definitely not my mentor though. It wasn't until RoI that I really started pvping freepside. (I had a BA rank 5 from SoM that I played rarely) I was absolutely terrible on my guardian. Many players such as Tbow's warg, Nightarrow, Daenath, Devestated, Amywinehouse, and Starfoxx, destroyed me endlessly. So I kept practicing my 1v1s (even though I still keyboard turn and mouse click) and I got better. Very slowly, but surely, I developed a habit of desolating creep players. As for Guardian mentors, there is no one that helped me more than Shawty. He showed me the ropes for sure, considering that he was the first person to teach me how to put an LI Scroll on a weapon. I was using common damage for like 6 months before I realized what beleriand did. He showed me how to utilize the LI points how they should've been, and how to use movement to your advantage on a guardian.

Everyone needs one or two people to help them to know the moors. Nothing brings back more memories than dying at a 1v1 circle, and bowing to the other person when you got back. Knowing you were going to lose, you would fight them again, and get them down maybe an extra 1k morale this time. Progress was key. And now that I'm on Meneldor, I feel incredibly nostalgic at the memories Riddermark holds in me. The moors are nothing like they used to be, though.

As for Creepside. Morbidi. I remember playing my Blackarrow alot in SoM, and wondering why on earth anyone would ever want to play creep. So then after my guardian got to be decent, I decided I wanted to roll a warg for the mangy skin that I thought looked so cool on Jawbreaker. So I opened up my first lootbox about a year and a half ago now, and got a greater sigil. That gave me the motivation to start playing a consistent creep. So finally one day, I was at an all time low. I sucked giant D!ck on my warg, and I couldn't bring in renown for anything. Amywinehouse sent me a tell asking who my freep was. I told him, and he immediately knew me. He then took me under his wing and invited me to Teamspeak to show me the basics of warg. He even gave me a website to go to, to show me the meaning of what it is to be a warg in the moors. I read up constantly, and just wanted to go out and destroy. Many a time, we duoed and killed small groups for days at a time. I'll never forget that experience, considering that he moved on to another game now.

Ultimately, Big thanks to all of the creeps and freeps that have destroyed me over the years. I've always wanted to be good, and there is not a more humbling experience than to witness your own death 20 times in a row, and still come back because you believe that you, "Have it this time". Huge, Gigantic thanks to Shawty and Morbidi. They're great players, and even greater people.