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    Who was your 'Moors Mentor?!

    I shamelessly stole this idea from MithrilMinded on the Arkenstone forums and thought it was a great topic for Riddermark.

    Who is the first person that taught you the ropes in the moors? That one person who took the time to take you around and show you how it goes down in the 'Moors......


    Here's my contribution:

    Arkenstone is where I got my start in this game. I actually picked Arkenstone, only because it was at the top of the list lol.

    I learned the most, by an extremely HUGE margin from Tyronetheone. I fondly remember the time we were duoing (myself on the hunter), we were heading to HH. Tyrone, with his head on a swivel, something I didn't know how to do at the time saw a few creeps behind us heading to HH as well. After Tyrone and I planted ourselves by the Mayor, those creeps followed us inside.

    A massive battle raged......

    I was dead, of course, but Tyrone held his own and blew up those three creeps.

    I was hooked since then.
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    When the game first went live I started on Windfola as a creep, there used to a be a Burg named Sneaks that made me rage, he got level 50 within 3-4 days and then was destroying everyone. So I went to Ark and rolled one of my own after about a month. Because I love the easy mode.

    Riv remember Gyrfalcon(sp?)? That dude was my trolling mentor, he used to crush people with a fantastic dry sense of humor, he and Tib would go at it and I'd be rolling.
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    About a year ago, I went VIP just to get the stupid swift travel. Going to the Moors was never a thought. I decided to go check it out one day and my friend Bellibell gave me a tour. I remember my first encounter was with a creep named Sliver over at the goblins. Needless-to-say he destroyed me and I started getting the "bug" (pardon the pun) for it. I was then invited to groups primarily with Frae, Dracko, Cerolaith, Malufet, Cosst and few others. So there wasn't one specific person who was my mentor per say but a collective effort. I regret not being part of it sooner, since what i hear earlier Moors days was awesome. Now I try to help out noobs, as I was helped, as well as grow my kin to have a Moors presence. I really enjoy the competition and the friendships I've developed in game.
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    Excellent thread, Rubes.

    I started freepside right after SOM launched on Ridder. There werent many blue ranks if any at all. I keenly remember having no clue what I was doing, where I was going, or how to play. Lothran was the first hunter to take me under his wings, so to speak. He was the definition of solo hunter. Taught me movement, awareness, map movement, etc.

    Then Meleo would have certainly been the next one I looked up to. Not that it hasn't been said a million times, but I have yet to see his equal on hunter on any server. He kicked some pretty major ### freepside, and I spent the next year or so trying to emulate his playstyle. Sadly, as a keyboard turner, that was not meant to be. I once saw a SS of his hotkeys and layout......oh my word.

    Creepside, easy. Nath. Or Daenath. He was a chill mofo and hooked me up with unlimited quest items in Pain that I needed. Gangly was fun to run with, but I wouldnt call him a mentor. Sitting in Grothum for hours on end tabbed out doing god knows what was boring to say the least.

    So, Meleo, Lothran, and Daenath.

    PS: I would have said Alsander. But just when you think he is trying to help you be better, you discover underlying self serving reasons for his out of place sympathies. I couldnt try to be half that good, so that bar was set to high from the get go :P
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    Things I learned from the Adino school of pvp:
    • Superior numbers at all times.
    • Pve/map domination at all times.
    • The fine art of applying face to keyboard and rolling.
    • How to throw my group members to the slaughter while I hide behind a tree and map out.

    Sorry, I figured it was inevitable, I wanted to be the first. Lighten up, it was a joke.

    Sarcasm aside, the WoT reality...

    I started this game as soon as it went live as a solo player. I wanted nothing to do with MMOs or gamers. I just wanted a good LOTR based game. After a year or so went by, I finally (accidentally) met someone due to drama erupting over mistakenly accusing me of stealing a Rich Gold Ore node near the cows in North Downs. This was back when the community was a lot more courteous and polite, so this was unheard of behavior!

    Due to that one incident, it was all downhill from there as I was literally forced to meet more people which ultimately lead me to my first Moors mentor. Back then on our old server, he was known as Raven(doc/blade), later on Ridder as Refr. He tormented me for ages, demanding I go to the Moors. I had no interest in that drama. I eventually caved and ventured out, I was a huntarded hobbit at the time. Once Ridder opened, we came here since it was slated to be the PvP server by the community (el oh el...). We created new toons for Moors happy fun times, 2 stupid little burgs named Bonnella and Clydello. If not for him, I may have happily avoided years of QQ, drama and crying. Of course, if not for that, I also likely wouldn't have met all the morons I currently know and love.

    I had creeped a bit here and there over the years on both servers, but never got completely into it until the original master sprinter, Run...er...Rubicon came along. He saved my butt many times with those wonderful ninja invites to shield wall my poor squishy burg butt. One day, he had a grand plan to conduct a little experiment in the moors that required us secretly rolling creeps.

    Suddenly, a filthy Orc duo emerged from the Sofa Pits. A defiler named Doctorkevorkian and a reaver named Enriqueiglesias. They were quiet, kept to themselves and charged into everything in sight with reckless abandon. They acted like morons, feared nothing and faceraped many. For several ranks they remained anonymous, until some vile facerolling raid baby named Screamokid discovered Doc's identity and ratted her out. Jerk!

    Long, dumb story short, Rubi would definitely be the official creepside mentor and without, Doc never would have existed. He had the idea, told me what class to roll and what to name it. I've rolled and deleted and rolled again every creep class, but nothing has stuck like Doc. I love my stupid, cruddy defiler and all the memories that go with it. Thanks Nubicon. <3

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    Nobody on meneldor helped at all, but over here Cramer taught me how to kill freeps from a freep perspective and meleo taught me how to do it from a warg's perspective.

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    mentor = adino
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    For champs on RM, have to be Screamokid and Bohemond (also include ALL of his creeps). I learn a lot from Screamo by grouping/duoing and talking to him , while for Boh I learn more from fighting his creeps.
    Leekae's videos helped me out big time when I was learning mouse turning, and Shray's video when I was learning weapon swapping. However, those two champs are not from RM, one from Landroval and one from big E and also I never get to chance to meet them ~"~
    For creeps, theChef (how can I ever forget you ><), all ELF brothers (won't go into mouse turn if not for ELF) and pretty much all the creeps that I have 1v1'ed pre-RoI.
    Well I know you can be successful even as a keyboard turner/clicker, but I just suck at that.

    Overall I will say, gotta be Screamokid (no ####)
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    cant really say i ever had a mentor...i pretty much just figured everything out myself mainly due to me playing solo most of the time...o and i have always been amazing there is nothing anyone can teach me (except how to keep stun immunity up on my lm)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattg18 View Post
    cant really say i ever had a mentor...i pretty much just figured everything out myself mainly due to me playing solo most of the time...o and i have always been amazing there is nothing anyone can teach me (except how to keep stun immunity up on my lm)
    You're so good at it now!

    I used to play with a captain back on Meneldor named Stry. I was so enamored by our duos that it made me want to play mine more. He got me started on the basics of playing captain in the moors before he quit playing. When I first started pvping, there were two people who really took me under their wing not so much as mentors but more as learning what lotro pvp was. That was Scuf and Roktata from Brandywine right before MoM launch. As far as a legit mentor, Vim has been a big go-to person when I need guidance or want to test a build or want to bounce ideas off of and that goes for any class I play. He's an endless knowledge source and probably the only person I have met in this game that understands every single class in and out and how to maximize the potential of each.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattg18 View Post
    cant really say i ever had a mentor...i pretty much just figured everything out myself mainly due to me playing solo most of the time...o and i have always been amazing there is nothing anyone can teach me (except how to keep stun immunity up on my lm)
    Yet you still cannot solo Jagger Jack :\
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    Screamokid taught me how to not suck at this game in general and inspired me to play champ/reaver with his beastly 1v1s back in the day. Morbidi introduced me to pvp and raiding even when I was a complete noob at everything a few years back.

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    makes me feel :D

    Quote Originally Posted by RGilthanas View Post
    I shamelessly stole this idea from MithrilMinded on the Arkenstone forums and thought it was a great topic for Riddermark.
    thanks for the credits ! makes me feel good and excited that the topic can cross borders and be well recievied by fellow moors players ! thanks for the diffusion of the thread ..maybe other servers will find it interesting too ! ./salutes
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    Oh Goodness..

    Well. Where should I start. The first time I ever went out to the moors, I was level 52, in a level 65 cap moors. Adino invited me to his raid even though I was underlevelled. He's definitely not my mentor though. It wasn't until RoI that I really started pvping freepside. (I had a BA rank 5 from SoM that I played rarely) I was absolutely terrible on my guardian. Many players such as Tbow's warg, Nightarrow, Daenath, Devestated, Amywinehouse, and Starfoxx, destroyed me endlessly. So I kept practicing my 1v1s (even though I still keyboard turn and mouse click) and I got better. Very slowly, but surely, I developed a habit of desolating creep players. As for Guardian mentors, there is no one that helped me more than Shawty. He showed me the ropes for sure, considering that he was the first person to teach me how to put an LI Scroll on a weapon. I was using common damage for like 6 months before I realized what beleriand did. He showed me how to utilize the LI points how they should've been, and how to use movement to your advantage on a guardian.

    Everyone needs one or two people to help them to know the moors. Nothing brings back more memories than dying at a 1v1 circle, and bowing to the other person when you got back. Knowing you were going to lose, you would fight them again, and get them down maybe an extra 1k morale this time. Progress was key. And now that I'm on Meneldor, I feel incredibly nostalgic at the memories Riddermark holds in me. The moors are nothing like they used to be, though.

    As for Creepside. Morbidi. I remember playing my Blackarrow alot in SoM, and wondering why on earth anyone would ever want to play creep. So then after my guardian got to be decent, I decided I wanted to roll a warg for the mangy skin that I thought looked so cool on Jawbreaker. So I opened up my first lootbox about a year and a half ago now, and got a greater sigil. That gave me the motivation to start playing a consistent creep. So finally one day, I was at an all time low. I sucked giant D!ck on my warg, and I couldn't bring in renown for anything. Amywinehouse sent me a tell asking who my freep was. I told him, and he immediately knew me. He then took me under his wing and invited me to Teamspeak to show me the basics of warg. He even gave me a website to go to, to show me the meaning of what it is to be a warg in the moors. I read up constantly, and just wanted to go out and destroy. Many a time, we duoed and killed small groups for days at a time. I'll never forget that experience, considering that he moved on to another game now.

    Ultimately, Big thanks to all of the creeps and freeps that have destroyed me over the years. I've always wanted to be good, and there is not a more humbling experience than to witness your own death 20 times in a row, and still come back because you believe that you, "Have it this time". Huge, Gigantic thanks to Shawty and Morbidi. They're great players, and even greater people.

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    Interesting thread. Brings back some memories. Lots of great players on Ridder who were not necessary my "mentors", but definitely taught me to be better.

    Ruby, Alsander, Amazing, Rikz, Krime, Shawty, Winterfell, Dalmok and a few others. Heck, I remember when Adino soloed....

    I guess I will give Credit to Bohemond too, he taught me the primary use for /ooc is to rage at bad freeps/creeps when you got zerged or were left standing by yourself as freeps ran away.

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    Awesome thread! My mentor would have to be Greymore on Elendilmir years ago when lotro launched. 50 was the cap. Nobody used daggers because they were power sinks. MACES BABY!!! Anyways, he sent me a pity invite to his freep raid after i got rolled soloing out there and it was the real reason I have kept playing tbh. Lotro w/o moors is lame. He was an aussie I believe and would straight up cuss you out and boot raid members for not listening. He was hilarious.

    On Riddermark I would have to say the Mayor of the Ratfolk in HH. He let me in on all the little sneaky tricks. He told me "just attack me when you think you are alone and I'll have one of my hunter, burg or any elf buddies attack you in the middle of town". I thought he was full of it at first, but low and behold!!!! The Mayor does fullfil his end of the bargain. Costs me 50 pints of ale every day though. Hes got a problem. I do love slaying them sneaky HH campers though!!! LOL!!! I would also like to credit the mayor for me being the best keyboard turner to ever spill blood in the moors lol.

    See you guys soon.

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    I don't really have a mentor. I learned much of my toons strengths and weaknesses by trial and error. While I was on this slow and painful path there were many people who inspired me to play different classes and gave me tips along the way. I shall list some of them here.

    Much like the op I ended up on this server cause it was at the top of the list.

    My first toon in the moors was a freever named tigro I hadn't even made it out of grams when I met a sweet looking spider named venomous. He asked if I would help him transfer items to an alt. I'd no idea what he was talking about but said yes. Next thing I know I was given a trade prompt and a load of loot followed. It was at this moment I knew this was the game for me, if people in this game trusted others enough to give a stranger their loot, then these were the type of people I wanted to play with.

    After about a week of getting my ### handed to me by every freep I crossed I decided it was time for a new class. CCCP and the Care Bears seemed to do best against the freeps those days. These tribes were comprised mostly of a tall arrow shooting/angry shouting class that got a sweet purple power up.(I knew it was a sweet power up cause it was purple) I was hesitant to roll this class as I didn't have any friends and needed a class that was good solo. That's when I saw Blackmass...

    Blackmass was a badass defiler who fearlessly took on groups of freeps while healing every creep in sight. Tired of getting beat I wanted a toon that could kick freep ### and help others. I rolled Tathiss so I too could be like Blackmass...

    Germs seemed to be having all the fun in the world on his warg. Sneaking up on freeps, ripping them to shreds and making a quick getaway. After my attempt at being Blackmass I knew there was more to being successful than rolling the right class, one must also know what skills to use and when. I did my best to get these secrets out of him...I suppose he told me something cause I had a blast on my warg. One thing I do remember him saying was Shadow Howler was the only skill one ever need buy from the store. He was right too cause none of my other toons could get that skill...:P

    Grimbash showed me the basics of a WL. Ghash tought me how to pretend I was a fearless reaver while playing a wl. After I hit r9 Rhine beat me into shape real fast.

    What little I know of raiding came from aza. He was kind enough to let me tag along on his quest to defeat Adino. From him I also learned the common freep pathways and many of the unofficial map locations.

    Lastly Crazy One inspired me to play the BA he was never afraid to charge a group of freeps if the thought a kill could be had.

    Many others gave me tips, invited me to groups, and answered my questions in ooc, but alas I don't remember them all. Someone told me Venomous wasn't a dude, but it was too late. Every time I see that spider I think Hey! there's that chill fellow I met back when I first started.
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    adino,taught me everything i know
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