So, I've been playing the moors again for the past couple days after a long break, and I must admit things are a little rusty on creepside as far as grouping goes. I was playing a pretty decent amount when RoR first came out and I remember lots of well-buffed creeps facerolling over the freeps who ventured out into the moors. As is old news, the balance shifted and as far as I have seen, creeps have not shaped up to the task. I still see a lot of non-communicative playing that is leading to creeps getting killed in scenarios where that simply should not be happening.

The time for qq about op freeps is over, the time for group coordination has come again.

I propose that well-organized tribes should lead the way. In my long absence I am not sure which tribes are holding the leading players right now, but I know CHAOS has historically been strong in this matter. I think if everyone creepside put more thought into how to work as a group, and then how to teach other players to do the same, we would have a stronger experience.

I mean no offense to anyone, as there are still many strong players on the server. The focus needs to be on how we can combine our strengths and shape our playstyles to benefit the group/raid, rather than being a bunch of solo players hoping for the best.