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    error 0x800441f4

    hi ive just installed the game on to my new pc, i last played in may. when i log in i get this message *chat server unavailable error 0x800441f4 unable to retrieve any support tickets associated with this account*

    i have no friends list yet do have a kin list, but an unable to communicate in any channel i get this message when i do try *general error 0x0000003*.

    everything else on my account is in place, including all my chars. ive tried researching the fault but all i get is taken to acherons call, so im hoping some one here can help me out (it would be very nice to be able to talk to my kinmates and friends)

    heres a screen shot of the issue

    many thanks

    <removed pw information>
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    error 0x800441f4 is a defect in the Lotro software. A lot of us having been seeing that error for months. Feel Free to smile every time you see it while thinking "Turbine still has not fixed it" and giggling.

    Your password is [sensitive information removed] because that is what you set it to. Feel free to change it.

    Check your chat filters to make sure you are connected to the channels that are attempting to send a chat message on.
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    Hi, tatties1.

    As a first step in trying to fix your chat issue you can try an edit to the "UserPreferences.ini" file that resides in the "The Lord of the Rings Online" directory within your Documents directory.

    The value you need to change is in the "[Net]" section. You need to change "UserSpecifiedPort=0" to "UserSpecifiedPort=9000".

    If you don't feel completely confident doing this then try to get someone who does to do it for you and, as always, be sure to make a back-up of the file before attempting to edit it.

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    so its just a pointless error then, cool thanks yula

    thats excellent WBS! went in there an changed it, can now talk an see my friends list!

    cheers for you help guys

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    Seriously, though - never state your password publicly on the Internet, it's an invitation to getting your account taken over by someone else.



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