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    Bring back bridge flipping - And apply it to all the bridges (even the new ones)

    I kinda miss it. Loved having little spots to flip while solo that people would come back to flip again and you would end up clashing with people over it :P

    Fun times.

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    I never, EVER thought I would say it, but....

    I miss old EC and OC and the fights there (and even a TA lawn fight once in a while).

    Heck, while you're at it, bring back the old hot spots, that was a great concept, I never understood why they were removed, but then again, explanations for why things are removed and changed are few and far between.
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    "It's a PvP area, we don't go there to fight NPCs, get rid of them <insert name of game company>".

    Games shouldn't be designed by the players, but sadly, that happens.

    Old control points, bridges, keeps, EC, OC, all offered some degree of protection from other players thanks to NPCs, removing NPCs or making them ineffective or placing them too out of the way has done nothing but cause people to seek protection from other players and remove opportunities for skirmish action.

    Bring back hot spots indeed.
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    I miss the fights that used to go back and forth between EC, STAB, TA lawn, WTAB, and OC.

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    I miss the bridges, and old OC/EC too.

    And Candy Mtn!

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    Yeah i did kind of miss those fights to...even though npcs do ruin the pvp concept of stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Equendil View Post
    "It's a PvP area, we don't go there to fight NPCs, get rid of them <insert name of game company>"
    No you don't. The Ettenmoors is a RTS/RPG hybrid (if you understand those two gaming styles it should be pretty obvious). You're SUPPOSE to be fighting over fortresses and defending them (which creates fights). In this game there isn't a game over, so instead of one controlling everything, claiming win and calling it quits, it's an infinite loop. That's just how it's setup.

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    Would love to see bridge flipping, Old EC/OC, CPs brought back. Bridge fights are by far too rare these days, think I've seen 2 that could (sorta) qualify as that the last 3 months on my server. In general there need to be more incentives for peeps to go out into the moors solo or in small groups. Though I have my doubts it would change much with the mindset pvmp'ers seem to have these days, but at least it would give we that roam something to do now and then and more importantly, as OP stated, some 'meeting' places. So, yes, bring back bridge flipping please.
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    I can't say I miss the old EC/STAB, OC/WTAB shuffle, but I've got no problem bringing this mechanic back. When there wasn't sit-down fight between the bridge and its respective camp, I could often find a freep duo/trio flipping the bridge, and if they didn't have a healer, the npcs were enough of a boost that I could give them a good fight as a solo creep. The reduced focus on TA and movement of EC/OC means we likely wouldn't ever have the hours long STAB/WTAB camp fights that were common in RoI, either.

    Another thing to think about in relation to this is the addition of the land-bridges at ETA and south of WTAB. Especially on freepside, the ability to use these and not be dismounted or have to risk riding through enemy npcs (and being dismounted) has had a significant impact on how I roam the map, and even if the bridges could be flipped, would likely be another reason why bridge battles would be less common than before.
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