I have been playing the game for going on 3-4 weeks now and I am a Level 33 Guardian on the Meneldor server. I have busted my "####" to gain TP day by day by day and it's come down to this as an observant beginner (noob). 4 Days ago I completed a grip of quests in 1 day with the Kinship I currently am enrolled in, Rangers of the Black Watch, which made me "completed" in Bree, the Lone Lands and ready to either....head to North Downs or Evendim. By having both "quests packs" for both North Downs and Evendim at 595TP, I find this is a disadvantage to the "newbies" to "keep them interested" in playing the game without getting bored of "trying day in and day out" to gain Turbine Points (without actually having to buy any.)

I can personally guarantee that I am not the first nor the last the will ask or wonder this exact question. Thanks for reading!