Jure's guide to gambling

Hello again, it's time for another burglar guide. Gambler is all about precise timing mixed with a bit of luck and survivability. Many burglars take the easy path of QK and have never realized the potency and rewarding gameplay of the gambler. With this set-up you can win 3v1 matches without much work. It takes more time to learn gambler but in time you will become more stronger than you ever were in quiet knife. I'm going to show you the basics of gambler and answering to questions posted in comments, have fun gambling!


1. Traits

Or you can replace dust with improved disable, It's up to you. I don't suggest you to trait any red, after all gambler is not about damage, more like playing with your prey.

2. basics

You can increase the chance of gambles 3 different ways.

10% from the Legendary Trait: Dealings Done.
40% from the buff you get after a devastating hit when you trait 4 or more deep into Gambler.
20% from a Burglar’s Tools legacies.

This is debuffing gamble, your best friend. Easiest to apply with footpad diversion and clever retort.

Remember to use gambler strike about ~13sec after applying gamble, it refreshes the old gamble and put it to max tier.

Next one is disabling gamble which you can apply with provoke or mischievous glee, never use provoke because you need to hit it from stealth to apply the gamble. Start with SS and if you need disabling gamble use glee which is self heal at the same time. This comes in handy against number of classes which we will discuss more in the "tactics" section.

Tier 1 = 15s Mez
Tier 2 = 20s Mez
Tier 3 = 30s Mez
Tier 4 = 30s Mez
Tier 5 = 40s Mez
Tier 6 = 60s Mez

There is also damaging gamble but it's rather useless. In some cases you can use it, for example sprinting warg or toxic carpace weaver.

3. Legendary items

NOTE: This is just what I use, there are other viable setups too.

On tools you can also put addle legacies but personally I won't use them in my gambler setup.

4. Strategies

Weaver: Start to dps the weaver as normal, no need for debuffing gambles, just put on damaging gamble and CA dot's just because you can't do any damage during toxic carpace. During toxic carpace you can use glee for self heal and mezz. Riddle the pet so the spider can't eat it, also addle the burrow. During carpace you can also remove poisons.

Reaver: Start with diversion from stealth, remove whichever wound they start with, dust or thrash. Refresh the debuffing gamble and apply dust = Now you can go and grab a coffee while the reaver tries to hit you (MC Hammer- Can't touch this) and if you're mean, you can pop another debuff gamble from clever retort.

Defiler: Same strategy as QK really, use only subtle stab, mischievous glee and SS while tiering up devastate buff to 15%, after that just blow away.

Warleader: Same strategy as QK really, use only subtle stab, mischievous glee and SS while tiering up devastate buff to 15%, after that just blow away.

Stalker: You can put a debuffing gamble on them but usually not needed, just proceed with your normal rotation and use glee mezz and twist if needed. You can also refresh the mezz with gambler strike.

Blackarrow: If the BA is lame he will try to kite you in firetrap and bleed trap, in that case it's going to be close one. Just keep up the dps and mezz from glee and additional stun from twist. This is proper dps race. Dust is the best trick to use in this one.

Guide to be continue...