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Ah yea, sorry didnt explain myself better. What i meant was X setup is the best for this. y setup is best for that. Its not really number crunching unless the dps part. There will be build threads within the week of launch i take it. People runnign tests and posting data
oh, sorry then.

yeah, I expect to see lodes of number crunching for even months after release.

I think it'll be more cross class now though. like how does the red burglar match up to the red warden, or RK vs Hunter which is always nice to watch. we all know the core is different, but it's nice to see how each REALLY matches against each other on the playing field.

I can't wait to be reading/sharing screen shots to mini-max everything ^_^

in truth there probably will be an all-round great line (probably huntsman again), a jack of all trades, which can do a bit of everything quite nicely. but I hope that the people who are willing to swap out to another line is rewarded enough.