I'm currently a level 5 warg, about half-way to 6. With some exceptions, I have found it virtually impossible to get an invite into any organized raid or group. I will post something like "R5 warg lfg/r" in OOC when I am standing in the middle of a group, with no result. When calls to PST go out to join a newly forming raid, I will send in my tell, and usually get no response. (To be fair, once I heard back that the leader was looking for heals, which I appreciated.) When I follow along with a large group, and help out in a fight, I will try "say"ing that I would welcome an invite. Nothing.

I understand that leaders want to be careful about group composition, and that class balance is important. I understand that at least some groups are tribe-based, and that many many others are made up of people who know and have relied on each other. I know that, faced with a choice, you should take a higher rank over a lower. Finally, as a warg, I'm fine about slogging my way up the tiers, doing dailies, joining packs (when they pop up), and snipping and biting at the margins of other people's raids to get whatever scraps of infamy I can.

But I'd like to know whether this will be permanent. So, more specifically:

-- is it my class? Are wargs simply not preferred in raids or groups? Should I expect always to be the last person selected?

-- is it my rank? Is there a level at which invites become more likely?

-- is it me? Have I already established such a reputation as a terrible noob that I will never get an invite (no way to know)? Is there a rumor (not true) that I am a spy? Does my breath smell (remember: I'm a warg! and if you're not, you're an orc!)? And most importantly, if it's me, how can I know and what can I do to turn it around?

Ultimately, tiering up is easier as part of a good raid. I would like to be part of that. If creeps thought a bit, it would make sense to include a few levelling creeps in every raid, just to keep the creep stock improving. So, does anyone have any advice?