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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldacarion View Post

    -Freeps will be always better because people pay money to go to the moors, and we all know that since the store was introduced on PVP this game support the person with more money to spend... really sad, thank god that they removed the new bubble pots from the store and nerfed the store brands.

    99% pve game. Its a no brainer who is gonna get all the goodies.

    On the subject of brands....the modification of rank brands was one of the most idiotic changes ever regarding moors play,imo. Its just beyond dumb to take away Creeps ability to have any counter to Freep CC while having no class to provide immunity to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackheart-Fury View Post
    99% pve game. Its a no brainer who is gonna get all the goodies.
    Yet it would likely be untrue to say 99% of its players spend most of their time in its PVE elements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squelcher View Post
    You refer to them as creep glory days but what it really was was the creeps getting somewhere close to be being balanced. They were still weaker than freeps, but freeps are too used to completely outclassing their opponents.
    I agree with this 100 percent. When most freeps r faced with anything close to balanced pvp there tiny brains think creeps r op. one of the higher ranked creeps on my world said something like "if the freeps knew what they were doing as creeps would prolly never leave the steps on gram." but most of them don't so yea


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