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    Adroit Maneuver for Tanking

    I'm pretty new to the warden and trying to optimize my LI's and skill rotation. I was wondering if anyone uses adroit maneuver in their tanking rotation and/or the legacy on a tanking LI. I noticed in the Topleaf Tanking guide thread nobody mentioned using it. It seems like the decreased attack duration should allow you to fit in another gambit or two to build more threat or more buffs/heals if you have a 30-second duration. Have you found that you lose aggro or can't keep up enough buffs if you try to fit it in, or that you need those masteries for more important gambits?

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    It's an interesting thought, but I can't say I would ever consider using it as a tanking gambit, don't think it's really needed tbh
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    endgame most of the time you only use masteries dont think they get the bonus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohanadan View Post
    you need those masteries for more important gambits?
    I always seem to have fist-shield on cooldown, for obvious reasons :P

    sheild-spear is reserved for hots most of the time. it's secure Ez mode at times. keeping up 21212/2121 keeps me up in lodes of fights. at times it's also used to keep up parry rating if spear-shield is used for hots before or moral-taps or whatever.

    but spear-fist is my rarest used mastary atm. the odd corruption or aggression is nice to make sure it's off cooldown. but a combination of spear-fist, shield-shield, remove 1 gambit, spear-spear can be a very useful tiny boost in speed at times. I found myself using it a lot in RoF on spiders and the long boss fight to keep buffs and hots up like crazy so my healer didn't even have to think about me.

    also, you don't need this on your tanking weapon. to many other important legacies than this little bonus at rare times. if you want this, learn to macro this onto your dps spear, a quick swap over to that before using adriot maneuver so you make sure you get the duration much longer.

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    Personnay, I use the adroit legacy. After all, your tanking rotation change depending of what you tank, like tanking a Battle of Erebor boss solo.. or no
    Sometime you didnt have time to use it.. but if you do a battle preparation for it.. it's usefull.. like having 60 sec of attack speed increase.

    All warden have a different tanking rotation and stuff, so.. its all up to you

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    When I was still in a Kin working on T2c content, this was the next thing I had planned to look at for upping my potency as a tank. I had messed around a few times with a training dummy and my dps jav to see how adroit with the legacy effected tanking skill patterns, and it seems like its potentially favorable. I think in high mob count pulls, or scenarios where you are constantly having new adds, its benefits are probably lessened, since leaving more masteries open more of the time and not being locked into specific skill patterns is more important in those situations. On a more conventional tank and spank style scenario, I think it would open up time for maybe 2 extra gambits during the 30s buff time, which for me would mean wall of steel and Safeguard staying active full-time, which i don't do currently.

    I'd have to drop either a vitality or agility legacy from my Jav to make it happen; since the kin I was in dissolved over the craptastic nature of RoR end-game I do almost no pve, and what little i do is faceroll easy, so I haven't bothered looking into it more.

    Re: mastery cooldowns, the only mastery I could effectively work into tanking while keeping adroit active is Sp-Fi. Fi-sh, sh-sp, and even Sp-Sp are always back on cd within a moment of becoming available, unless i'm saving them for a fresh add wave, interrupt, or corruption removal.
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