When logging in to your new site I find a few things that are very bothering, like not being able to link to my profile page without going to "forum action" and then click on "edit profile" to get there. Please can you add a link on our account home page. This is all I see when I log in:

Account Home ----- keeps me on the same page
Change Password --takes me to account setup
Notification Preferences -ask if I want email from WB
Manage Subscriptions -show me my Turbine account info

Welcome to your Account Page

Use the menu to the left to administer your account settings.

I would like to go to profile to check my posting and answer any reply without reading through all the posts.

Is there an easier way to get to profile page? Or am I just being dumb and not seeing a tab?

The second thing would be not being able to stay logged in.