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    Simple Crafting Fansite (forum)

    I only attempted this cause I searched over and over again for sth similar but could not find it.
    Here is a simple forum board devoted to crafting.

    The Forum's Mission:

    *You are a crafter in LOTRO. Ever thought of the idea that it would be nice to be able to have a corner to interract with other players and craftsmen? To request raw materials for that new item of yours or to offer items for sale?
    To actually have some input on what you can sell in that place called action house?
    Or to get a chance to recieve that sword you always liked?

    Do you want something more personal like interracting with people and crafting items for them rather than just putting some for sale with no idea if they are appreciated?

    Then this is the place for you!

    You can request resources, compoments,recipes from other players. You can find people interested in items you make to sell.
    You can even request items you want.
    Then you cna finish the trading in the game , maybe make new friends as well , maybe even meeting the person that crafted your weapons

    How does it work?
    You put your request in the relevant board.
    For example if you want yew logs you would write in category resources:
    yew logs X 50 , Price bellow 1G
    Make sure to add your serve rnad nickname in your post

    So then the foresters in your server can see you are interested in that and reply if they accept the offer.
    You can then finish trading ingame.
    More importnatly they can know what price they should select approx and what items are in demand.
    You are requested to state that your order is done upon completion.
    -->site failed, link taken out
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    I see no way to join your page, i figure is still under construction. I'm also one of those people that like to craft my own stuffs. On related notes, there are some plugins that may ease your crafting experience in Lotro. Here is a direct link, if you want to use them &/or add them to your new page: http://www.lotrointerface.com/downloads/cat60.html . Good luck in your project!

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    The site should be finished by new but yes it's new.
    The register button is bellow the logo and then you can post.

    You mean it does not allow you to register at all?
    Need to look at it then, plz tell me if you can register.

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    Oh, i see the button now, it was just not showing when i looked the 1st time or somehow i missed it. lol

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    Thx for the heads up.
    Anyway it will all depend on how many people would like such an idea. I felt something like this should have been part of this action house,
    eg auction to allow orders as well as sales,

    but since that does not exist ingame the forum will have to suffice.( would be great to have such a feuture built in game btw )



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