Was thinking about trying to work through these prior to HD and I was wondering if anyone had any tips for the path of least resistance in order to achieve this? I did a few runs of small-fellowship and I must admit my heart sank a little when the kill 7,500 mobs deed opened up. Please tell me there isn't a higher tier to this one?

I noticed a few things... The slayer deeds can be advanced as long as the mobs are non-grey i.e. I was able to set the instance to L77 (as a L85) and the kill deed advance, but none of the other deeds advanced (Lt slayer, not using FMs, timed survival, etc.). Setting the skirmish to L85 means these deeds advance as normal but unfortunately that makes the skirmish much harder and we were unable to last much beyond the 30 minute mark and were some way short of achieving the kill 250 mobs in one encounter deed. I have a suspicion that setting it to -5 level i.e. L80 may still allow these deeds to advance but havent confirmed this.

So anyone managed to get this title? Can you offer advice for someone just about to set out on it?