I've completed Hytbold, entirely, with a Champion. Currently, I'm working towards Hytbold with a Hunter (lvl 85). The hunter is Ally, at least, with three of the four original East Rohan factions, but not with Men of the Wold.

Here's my issue: the hunter has completed 77 quests/instances in The Wold and 22 quests/instances in The North Wold and still has only 21,500/25,000 rep on the Friend to Ally track. I compared the hunter's quest log to the champion's quest log (see above). The hunter has actually done five more quests/instances than the champion, yet the champion got to Ally status with Men of the Wold, and the hunter has not. Again comparing the two quest completion logs, I found one quest the champion had done that the hunter hasn't: A Friend in a Sea of Distrust, which is no longer available to the hunter.

LOTRO-wiki only has 74 quests/instances in The Wold and the same 22 quests/instances in The North Wold that the hunter has completed.

I opened a ticket, but the answer was basically "we won't help you with quest information". I'm pretty sure that team +Ogdred+ didn't even read the ticket carefully before closing it. I Googled for other sites that might have quest lists for the two areas of The Wold, but found nothing as comprehensive as LOTRO-wiki's list, and I have more completed quests/instances in The Wold on my list than their list has.

How in the heck am I going to get to Hytbold and complete it?