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    Roving Threats Do they have place holder mobs?

    I been running roving threat groups on my server daily. Prior to running them I take the time and find all the locations for MM, Forchel, Suri, West Gondor. The problem is that sometimes I am not able to find some of the RTs for a zone. So I go back to each location again and still no luck. One day it took 4 visits for the mob to appear.
    Yes someone could be killing them But I am going back at different times of the day and I am on a very slow server. It si almost impossible to even form up a group to go do them.

    So yesterday, had issues in finding mobs in multiple zones through the day. Today having same issue. I even had my character left for close to 1 hour in the spawn spot. Then all the sudden the mob showed up about 55 minutes into my hanging out and killed me at coldwell.
    So are there placeholder mobs or these guys on really LONG spawn rate after they die?

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Silverlode Server

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    I did them all, every day, for quite a while, and never encountered something like this. As far as I can tell, the respawn timer is still about 5 minutes (as it was on Bullroarer), and there are no place holder mobs. One thing that I did notice frequently, is that it can take quite a while for them to load. For example, you run to a location, see nothing, wait a few seconds, then suddenly the RT pops on your head. This is simply slow loading times, it does not mean that it just spawned.

    The only times when I was unable to find all RTs in a region, was when I was missing a location for that region, but since you apparently knew which location to go to, I assume this wasn't the case. The only exception to this would be if you were waiting/looking close to the daily reset time (3am server time), and that the RT then switched locations to a spot you did know of.

    In case you're unsure of your location list, this is a plugin I made, which (as far as I know) has all locations marked (as well as some other features).

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    I think there could be a problem with view distance. If your view distance isn't maxed, you miss some of the roving threats quite easily, because they are not static. Sometimes they also seem to spawn right in front of you when you approach them and come from a different zone/layer. Not sure if it has something to do with your video card, or if it is a server issue.
    But in the end, it is just a guess.



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