I wonder if Erebor will be immediately scaled to level 95 when the next expansion comes out? What will this mean for the Meta-deed/ Flight T2 Challenge quest?

This is the first raid that was introduced already scaled (you can run it from level 20 to 85). This also seems to be the first Raid in which so few have actually completed CM (as far as I know, only one kin has done it or at least has posted that they've done it). Since the scaling tech will allow the devs to easily scale it to 95, will they? If they do, the challenge quests will only be available at level cap, which means it may be as hard or close to as hard to get that final Challenge done for the Meta-Deed (and horse!). This will be a bummer.

One trend I have noticed, though, is that up-scaled instances become easier as they get scaled. Look at BG and OD for instance. The general consensus seems to be that they are much easier now when run at 85 then when they were first introduced. Perhaps this is because of certain class changes that have occurred, or better gear on a relative basis as the cap increases, or changes to the combat mechanics themselves. So I'm hoping this will hold true if they immediately scale Erebor to 95. Even then, (and current lag issues aside) Flight CM may continue to elude even the better raiding kins, but most certainly casual raiders.

I'm wondering if they will leave it unscaled this coming expansion. Right now you can run Orthanc, DN, the Rift, Turtle, and Watcher raids above level and many 6 mans including the Angmar ones and all of Moria. But this feature may be gone for good with all new raids being introduced as a scaled Raid, if that is the way the Devs are going.

Which reminds me... I should farm more DN so I can get that last Orc head for the housing item before they scale it someday. Oh and the Jewelled Bell from the Rift.

Any thoughts?